Thailand Practical Shooting Association
23Floor Chalermprakiat Building, Sports Authority of Thailand
286 Ramkamheang Road, Huamark, Bangkapi

Attention !

Importing – Firearm:

  1. Competitor will have to fill in the information on the Online Match Registration for Personal Information, Firearm, Quantity Ammunition, and Arrival and Departure Flight. (The serial number on the actual firearm must exactly match the serial number on the permit application.  If there are any discrepancies, the firearm will not be allowed into Thailand.) Prepare a photocopy of your passport, and send thru the online application form with the online match registration.  
  2. Match registration link is here –>
  3.  Organizer will apply for the temporary import permit and will send to you before your departure. (Please print out at least 5-6 copies with your passport copy and bring them with you)
  4. On your arrival to Suvarnnabhumi International Airport Thailand, please pick up your firearm and luggage and proceed to Customs Office Near Custom Red Channel – Exit C (behind Baggage Claim Number 20)
  5. Firearm Import, the customs will process your firearm import by checking serial number against the original of Permit. The customs Officer will make a photocopy of your permit and certify the photocopy then give back to you. Please keep this with you at all time. (If you need assistant please call Tony at +66897715365)

  6. Ammunitions Import (If you don’t bring ammunition you can skip this process and inform the customs that you didn’t bring ammunition, the customs officer will let you go), After checking your firearm, Customs officer will check amount of ammunition that will be imported to Thailand. Please note that ammunition imported to Thailand might subject to pay import tax (30% of your purchased price). Once you make import tax payment, customs officer will let you go.
  7. Shooter who’d like to bring your own ammunition, It’s required that you bring your ammunition TOGETHER with your Firearm. It’s impossible to bring ONLY Ammunition into Thailand. You could be arrested and prosecuted with criminal charge.

 Exporting – Firearm:

(You Need to Arrive Airport at Least 3 Hours before your Departure time)

  1. On your departure of Thailand at Suvarnnabhumi Airport, please proceed to the Customs Office at The Departure Hall 4th Floor behind check in row F and G (Behind Kasikorn and Siam Commercial Bank Counter Near Thai Airways Ticket Office) , Customs Officer will check the Firearm Serial number and Sign out in the back of Original Import permit.

  2. After Customs Officer Check out your firearm, please proceed to airline check in counter with your firearm and luggages and Check in with Airline. Please inform Airline Officer that you have Sports firearm travel with you. Airline Officer will call Airport Security to bring you to load firearm at Extra Size Baggage Loading 1 (Y1 Counter).

  3. At Y1 Counter, you will fill the firearm transport form and Pay fee 100THB, The Airport Security Officer will give you Firearm Loading Documents, The Airport Security Officer will take your firearm from you and you can proceed to the Immigration and to the Gate. You will pick up your firearm at the airport of your final destination. (Please keep all documents for 3 weeks and take photo of all documents you received and email to